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Cape Fear Fencing Association

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CFFA update for August 24

Reaghan Juelke competed in Mid-South’s Y-12 sabre event yesterday and took 5th out of 15, just missing the medals.  It looks like we will generally have a strip of sabre going most evenings. The deadline for regular fees for the kickoff open in Richmond is today.  The event is September...

Saturday practices

There will be Saturday practice tomorrow about 10 am.  There will also be Saturday practice next week if anyone is getting ready for the Tarheel Open on Sunday. pax vobiscum,   Greg SpahrHead CoachCape Fear Fencing Association “The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the...

CFFA update for August 17

We had a number of people go to Charlotte for the C and under event.  Everyone fenced okay, but no one had a real breakout performance.  Patrick Sauser won, earning his D, Sandy tapia was 2nd, Ryan Miller and Aaron Sveringen tied for 3rd.  Aaron won his E. The first...