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Cape Fear Fencing Association

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CFFA update for April 26th

A pretty calm Division meeting yesterday.  Next year’s officers are Zemi Lawrence as chair, Steve Kmiec is staying as VP for coaching and referee development, Paul Perkins is chair for youth development, Liz Morey will be both Secretary and Treasurer, and Donny Zelinski moves to Past President.  NBS gym is...

CFFA update for April 19

We had a very good, competitive, large event yesterday.  Eighteen foilists with Gabe Lima of Research Triangle Fencing winning and upping his C to a C15.  Mike Nicholson returned to fencing and came in second earning a D15.  CFFA’s Oliver Galbraith and Mid-South’s Stephen Pashby took the 3rds.  28 epeeists;...

CFFA update for April 12

Thanks to Aidan Bush, Don Evans, Elijah Wells, and Reaghan Juelke for helping with the demos at Roger Bacon.  It was good to have fencers about the same age as the audience. Mid-South is holding their next set of Youth sabre events today. Lynn Krupey’s memorial service is today from...