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Cape Fear Fencing Association

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CFFA update for January 25

We held a youth event yesterday.  10 foilists (twice as big as our last adult event) Will Golder of CFFA was first, Kyler Schoonmaker of our homeschool branch (fencing with a cast on his non-weapon arm) took second, Reaghan Juelke of the St. Mary’s program and Caroline Artz, another homeschooler,...

CFFA update for January 19

Note to self (and club) – don’t schedule any events over MLK day weekend.  It seems there were a lot of other things going on, so our events this weekend were on the small side.    At Saturday’s Wilmington foil event CFFA’s Jesse Harvey won, followed Sam Cason from Raleigh, and...

CFFA update for January 11

The NCFL held its first event of 2015 yesterday at Kestrel Heights High School.  Hoggard sent a team of Ryan, Michael, and Natalie.  They went 1-3, gathering strength as they went through the day.  Many thanks to Nick for coaching the Hoggard team.  CFFA sent a team of Emma G.,...