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Cape Fear Fencing Association

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practice footage

The practice footage is listed on youtube as: CFFAPracticeFootage04032014 pax vobiscum,   Greg SpahrHead CoachCape Fear Fencing Association “The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,but that’s the way to bet.” Damon Runyon

technical difficulties

It looks like you cannot access the links directly since they were sent through UNCW’s mail system.  If you go to you tube and type in Cape Fear Fencing Association (not CFFA) you will get the documentary. Still working on getting the training video. pax vobiscum,   Greg SpahrHead CoachCape...

documentary video

Here is the completed documentary the UNCW students did for class. http://youtu.be/jWcH_NCA9to Dan, can we get this up on the website? Here is about 30 minutes of shots they didn’t use, some of which can be looked at to watch yourself for training purposes. http://youtu.be/DKymTs3ihKs pax vobiscum,   Greg SpahrHead...