Results from the final Cape Fear Fencing Association youth event of the year held Saturday, June 3rd, at the Tileston Gym of St. Mary Catholic School.

12 and under foil

1st  Nicole Milewski  CFFA

2nd  Jaden Scott  CFFA

3rd (tie) Don Evans  CFFA

        Ethan Rogers  Salle Mae

9 and under foil

Gold  Joseph Evans  CFFA

Silver  Lou Lightner  CFFA

Bronze  Claire Babineau  CFFA

12 and under epee

1st  Nicole Milewski  CFFA

2nd  Nyc Baynes  CFFA

Nicole Milewski won the sword for most points in the season for a girl and Don Scott won the sword for the boys.  In addition, Don also won the sword for sportsmanship, which is voted on by fencers over the course of the season.

Youth 12 and under event  May 6, 2017

1st –     Nicole Milewski         CFFA
2nd –    Don Evans                CFFA
3rd (tie) –     Jaden Scott     CFFA    &    Nick Byron       CFFA
9 and under
Gold –        Jackson Jones      CFFA                                                               Silver-       Joseph Evans       CFFA                                                                Bronze-     Claire Babineau      CFFA

Sabre                      Did not occur
1st – Nicole Milewski  CFFA
2nd – Lydia Huggins   CFFA                                                                     3rd (tie)  Nyc Baynes CFFA & Linus Huggins  CFFA

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