CFFA update for January 4

I decided to go ahead and put out the weekly update early because of all the things (not) happening.
No practice at Wilmington this evening.  No practice at Topsail or Camp Lejeune tomorrow.  We are also cancelling the Old Man Winter tournament on Saturday.  About half the field is from at least two hours away and many of those people are up the coast where it sounds like they got hit worse than we did.
At this point it looks like we will be able to get up and running next week. January
8th the next afterschool beginner class starts and afterschool fencing
will resume.  January 9th is the next evening beginner class (a
Tuesday/Thursday one).  January 10th will start the next homeschool
beginner class and finish up the one we cancelled from this week.

Right now I am planning to stay for Wednesday evening practice on the 10th even if UNCW is not there yet.

There should be fencing at Topsail and Camp Lejeune.  We will pick up where we left off and add a week at the end so we can cover everything.

13 is the date for the next NCFL meet.  Chapel Hill high has offered to host on that date.  We can start looking into who is going and how we can get there.

20 is the next homeschool event and we will be hosting it.  Start time
is 1:30 pm.  We could actually hold a morning practice as I doubt the
homeschoolers will be arriving early.

For adults, Mid-South is having a women’s sabre and a Vet combined sabre event.  Richmond is hosting the Hangover Open.  Usually the Hangover has solid B or A rated events.

Sunday, January 21st will be a make up date for an NCFL meet and will be held at Apex.

27th is supposed to be the NCFL State team championship.  You are
supposed to have attended two events to be eligible, so there needs to
be at least one more or a decision as to how we allow people to enter.

Again, for adults Charlotte has an Open epee event and a U foil event on the 27th.

January 28th, is an unrated, split by gender event up at All-American
in Fayetteville.  Lots of spaces for women, only two for men.  Men’s is listed as sanctioned, the women’s is not.  See
askfred for details.

of our events for next spring are on askfred, including the Lynn Krupey
Memorial Iron Maiden (March 24).  This is still the only 3 weapon event

exclusively for women in the state, so it would be good to get our
people signed up
soon to draw other women.  There is no reason the epee can’t be an A and
the foil and sabre at least have some kind of rating, but all you of
the female persuasion need to get signed up early to attract other

am currently planning to be away to the Junior Olympics in Memphis over
the President’s Day weekend if all our fencers get signed up.  The club
has cancelled the event we had scheduled for that day.  (February 17) 
Donny Zelinski, the coach at New Bern, has offered to run a youth event
at our club.  He would need the help of some parents to make it
possible.  Let me know if you can help, even if it is just keeping
everyone organized, hooking up fencers during the events in which your
children might be participating, etc.  I would probably try to truncate
the schedule a bit because he would be driving two hours just to do this
for us, and we never seem to have sabre fencers.  A few people have
contacted me about being willing to help, so this should happen.  We may actually use this date as a make up for the Old Man Winter.  I will keep you posted.
pax vobiscum,
Greg Spahr
Head Coach
Cape Fear Fencing Association

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Damon Runyon

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