CFFA update for October 8

It should be a standard week of practice this week.
next event is next Saturday.  It will have a mixed foil event, a
mixed epee event, and for those not wanting to jump right in to a full
adult open epee competition, a D and under epee event. We are again at that awkward place where we do not know how many referees to hire because our numbers are low.  If you intend to fence Saturday, please get signed up on today.  If you are concerned about your ability to compete, these are all currently small events and would be good ones in which to get your feet wet.

next huge regional event is the Tiger Open which will be held 10/21 at
Clemson.  This is a tournament that always has an open and a Div III  (D
and under) in each weapon.  The open epee and foil are A2s, with the correct entrants, the epee could become an A3 or A4. The Div III
epee and foil are both C2s.   Sabre is lagging behind.  Check askfred for more details. 

St. Mary’s Fall Festival is October 27th, so we will be shut down a bit that week.  Usually it is Wednesday afterschool (but not homeschool) and evening practice and all day Thursday.

October 28th is the Ryder Cup sabre event at Mid-South.  Cadet, Junior, and Senior sabre events.

Also the 28th is the first homeschool tournament of the year, up at New Bern.  I will be sending a separate email out to the homeschoolers with info.

November 4th is the first NCFL meet of the year and we are hosting it.  As always help refereeing is appreciated.  I am not certain what the number of teams will be yet, but it looks a little down from previous years.  Starts at 10 am and finishes as soon as we can get done.  If you are not part of an official school fencing club, or are still in middle school, there are B division teams.  There will certainly be B division teams in foil, and hopefully epee.  Start letting me know if you are interested.  You do need a full uniform, but we can lend you what you need.

For those of you who would rather fence than referee, Charlotte is holding Women’s epee, and Open epee events that day.  Also, there is a Vet event in Richmond.

Sometime that week, Cuccalorus will be screening “Under the Mask,” Alex Hoelscher’s film about Erica Julien’s journey to last year’s World Veteran Championships.  I will let people know once time and location firm up.

JO qualifiers are November 18-19 at Research Triangle.  More info is on
askfrred.  The actual JOs are in Memphis over President’s Day weekend.

People have been asking about doing an intermediate class.  If you might be interested, please email back and let me know what days and times work best.

pax vobiscum,

Greg Spahr
Head Coach
Cape Fear Fencing Association

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Damon Runyon

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