Junior Olympic Qualifiers    Durham, NC  November 19, 2017

Oliver Galbraith                 Gold      Junior Men’s epee    Bronze      Junior Men’s foil                                         Qualifies for both events

Will Golder        Gold      Cadet Men’s foil                 Qualifies  for that event

Nicole Milewski     Bronze    Junior Women’s epee     Qualifies for that event and Cadet Women’s epee


Veteran’s Day Tournament                 Wilmington       November 11, 2017

Mixed Open Foil
1st – Oliver Galbraith        CFFA
2nd – Daniel Freeman       Apex Fencing Academy
3rd (tie)  Luke Kinney        Columbia Fencer’s Club
        Brandon DeBord        UNCW Fencing Club
Mixed Open Epee
1st – Oliver Galbraith        CFFA
2nd – Ryan Miller              Salle New Bern
3rd (tie)  Luke Kinney        Columbia Fencer’s Club
        Lars Hansen            All-American Fencing Academy
E and Under Epee
1st – Brandon DeBord      UNCW Fencing Club
2nd – Joshua White        Salle New Bern
3rd (tie)  Lars Hansen     All-American Fencing Academy
        Will Ross               UNCW Fencing Club

Tiger Open, Clemson, SC  October 21, 2017

Kim Phillips, Bronze Medal, Mixed Open Sabre                out of 68 competitors

World Veteran’s Championships,   October 15-16, Maribor, Slovenia

Women’s 70+ epee   Erica Julien  Bronze Medal

Women’s Epee Team  Erica Julien, member of Team USA, Gold Medal

CFFA  A Bad Day for England,   October 14, 2017

Mixed Open Foil

1st  Patrick Lausi  Edge of America Fencing                      2nd  Daniel Freeman  Apex Fencing Academy                   3rd (tie)  Oliver Galbraith    CFFA                                              Luke Kinney   Edge of America Fencing

8th Brandon DeBord  UNCW  re-earns E17

Mixed Open Epee

1st  David Dimmett   Richmond Fencing Club  re-earns A17  2nd  Jesse Harvey CFFA  earns B17                                     3rd (tie)  Oliver Galbraith  CFFA                                             Ryan Miller Salle New Bern

8th Will Ross  UNCW   earns E17

D and under mixed epee

1st Eli Nathan  UNCW                                                         2nd Daniel Freeman   Apex Fencing Academy                    3rd (tie)  Kenyatta Sanford CFFA                                   Patricia Wilkins  Savannah Fencing Club


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