CFFA update for February 11

Another busy weekend with a number of good results for CFFA fencers.
To start with, on Friday night, Catherine Shin of UNCW scared away all the other women at Mid-South’s Grand Open tournament.  She had to fence with the men, and won her first DE pretty easily.  That got her a match with number one seed Stephen Pashby.  She finished 8th.  The next day in the same event, Kim Phillips tied for third out of an A1 event.
On Saturday, a number of our fencers went to the Holy City Open in Charleston, South Carolina.  In their foil, Will Golder had a solid 1st round, crushed his first two DEs, then defeated the B rated number 1 seed.  He lost 11-15 in the finals to Luke Kinney (no relation to Mike).  That earns Will his D18.  Our epeeists also did well.  Kenyatta Sanford tied for 3rd in the C rated event and earns her D18.  The person she tied with was Robert Thomas, who re-earns his D18.  Rounding out the top 8 was Mike Kinney, who earns an E18.  Congrats to all.
Last and not least a number of local fencers went to the NCFL seeding event in Apex.  Andrew Whitehead, Paul Corpening, and Cammy Herbert, all of Hoggard, lost their first DEs.  Emma Graf and Katelyn Guthrie of Ashley both won their first DE, but lost their second.  All of them are qualified for the finals in Greensboro on the 24th.

I am going to be away to the Junior Olympics in Memphis
the President’s Day weekend. On Saturday the 17th, Donny Zelinski is
coming down to
run a youth event.  We will compress our normal schedule so foil will
start at 10 am, sabre AND epee will both start at 1:30 pm.  We will
award the medals and sword points for events per usual.  It looks like, particularly the foil, may be a large event.  Besides our evening, afterschool, homeschool, Topsail, and possibly Jacksonville fencers; there will be fencers from the Wilmington Fencing Club and New Bern, possibly even Raleigh.  Anything that
parents or older siblings can do to help such as hooking up fencers,
refereeing, and dressing fencers will be appreciated.

of my travel times, etc., there will be no Thursday, February 15
afterschool or evening class (there will probably be a standard
practice starting about 7:30 pm).  No Topsail or Camp Lejeune classes on Friday.  No
afterschool on Monday, the 19th as St. Mary is off for President’s Day.  I may not make it to UNCW practice Monday, depending on when I get back.

February 24th is the NCFL individual championships in Greensboro.

March 3rd is the homeschool team championship in Greensboro.

Also on March 3rd are some unsanctioned foil and epee events in youth and adult categories at Apex.

March 6th will be our next beginning class, running on Tuesday and Thursday.

weekend of March 10th is a Youth NAC in Baltimore.  If anyone besides
Nicole is signed up, please let me know.  It will cause some changes in
my schedule.

17-18 is the Y-14, Div II, and Div III qualifiers in Greensboro.  These
will qualify you (if you do well enough) for the National Championships
in St. Louis.  Otherwise they may be good events just for the
practice.  Check askfred for more details.

Lynn Krupey
Memorial Iron Maiden is March 24.  This is still the only 3 weapon

exclusively for women in the state, so it would be good to get our
people signed up
soon to draw other women.  There hasn’t really been anyone signing up
from our club in the last couple of weeks.  We can
make this a really excellent competition, but our women need to show
they are interested.  I realize it is still almost two months out, but
we need to pump up the numbers now to attract rated fencers.

I have received very little input regarding camps.  Here is a first draft of dates.  Let me know if anyone has any issues.  Last call.

July 9-13  beginning foil
July 16-20  advanced foil
July 23-27  advanced epee
July 30 – August 3  advanced sabre
August 6-10  ?

pax vobiscum,

Greg Spahr
Head Coach
Cape Fear Fencing Association

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Damon Runyon

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