CFFA update for November 26th

Herman would like you to get orders for December (read Christmas and Hanukkah) in by December 6th.  It may take a couple of orders to get it all in as this usually ends up beyond the means of the club credit card, so we will get one order in and paid for before making the next one.  Or we may need to ask for some of the order payment up front to keep room cleared.
This is the last week where everything is normal before practices start dropping out before the holidays.
Topsail will be starting their next set of classes, beginner and more advanced, this Friday.  Camp Lejeune will be back in business Friday as well.
This Saturday, December
2nd, is our next adult event.  Open foil, Open epee, E and under sabre.  Per usual, right now the numbers are low. 
Get signed up now if you are planning on fencing.  At the moment, we only need two referees, so if it all blows up around Wednesday, it may be hard to find others.

For younger (not yet adult fencers), Apex Fencing Academy is having Y10/Y12 combined events this Saturday.  Check askfred for particulars.

No Wednesday night practice with UNCW from the 6th until after New Year’s as they will be in finals and then gone.  Wednesday night classes will still meet.

9th is the next NCFL meet.  It is going to be at Chapel
Hill.  We need to start planning who is going, leave times etc.  I need to hear from Hoggard and Ashley so I know what I need to bring or get people in to try on equipment.

December 15th will be the final classes for the year at Topsail and Camp Lejeune. 

16th is the next Homeschool League meet.  It will be at Oak Ridge.  It
will start about 1:30 pm, so we will plan to leave so we get there about
1 pm.  Let me know who is going so we can plan carpooling, etc.  If you don’t have knickers, underarm protectors, etc. we will need to get you fitted.

16-17th will also be the Harry Rulnick tournament in Fayetteville. 
Saturday is unsanctioned mixed Y10 and Y12 foil.  Sunday will be
sanctioned foil, split by gender and a mixed epee event.  This year all of the events are for unrated fencers.  This makes them very good events for those of you who feel you are stuck being a U and want a reasonable opportunity to earn that E.  It also makes it a good event for those of you looking for that first USA Fencing competition.  If you are interested let me know so we can get you set up.  Plus sign up on askfred so they know you are coming.

The Monday/Wednesday evening class will finish on Monday, the 18th.  The afterschool classes will finish on Tuesday, the 19th.  The last homeschool practice for the year will be on Wednesday, the 20th.  I was planning on coming in on Thursday evening, the 21st for practice.

(Research Triangle Fencing) is holding a foil/sabre camp December
27-30.  These are basically the Duke coaches, so it will be a solid,
more advanced camp.  See askfred for details.

The 28th seemed to be better for most of the people who replied concerning a one day camp from 9-5.  Cost would be $20 for the whole day.  The idea is to
work with people to improve their fencing, possibly getting them ready
for competitions.  All weapons would be welcome.  The further idea would
be to let parents drop youngsters off and have some personal time over
the vacation.  Or for older fencers to leave the kids/grandkids at home
and have some fencing time.  You would need to bring a lunch. 
I would then hang around for evening practice if there seems to be interest.

Be warned, after New Year’s everything starts back up quickly and keeps roaring on until about April.

pax vobiscum,

Greg Spahr
Head Coach
Cape Fear Fencing Association

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Damon Runyon

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